Selling Guide:

So your garage is full of junk and your cupboards are over-flowing... it's time to sell some of that clutter and make some money!

Selling for the first time can be a bit daunting, here's our step by step guide to your first bootfair at Hexham!

  • Pack everything into boxes and load it into a car (or van, you choose). You may want to bring a table to put all your stuff on. A folding table (folding or garden table) will do fine. Although you can sell from the floor.
  • The doors open for sellers at about 8.45am, so we recommend you setting off from home to get there for about 8:15 - 8:45am. We cannot admit sellers after 11:00am.
  • On entering the car-park of Hexham Auction Mart you'll be directed by staff to the end of the queue of sellers. If you have helpers who are unable to fit in your car and are in another vehicle, the second car should park in the main car park and your helpers walk in along side your vehicle during the next steps.
  • Can you please have your money ready for paying your set-up fee. You'll be shown our sign that lists what you are not permitted to sell at the carbootfair and once you've read and understand it, you'll be given a sticker and a stamp on your hand. Keep both your sticker and your hand.
  • You will now be directed to the area you are selling, where a member of staff in each area will give you a specific selling space. Make sure you sho the staff the sticker and your hand, or they will not let you set up.
  • Please be aware that people will be buying from you straight away as other sellers will go 'shopping'. Don't be hassled into selling until you are ready (on the rare occasion where this is a problem, please report to a steward immediately). Also, make sure you are happy with what price you get.
  • If selling outdoors, please don't leave your radio on without the engine running as your battery will go flat. However, if you do forget, we do have jump leads and we will get to you as soon as we can.
  • Please don't leave litter or unsold items behind.

  • Please check electrical and battery operated items are in full working order before selling them. Just because they were working 2 years ago when you put them in the cupboard, doesn't mean they are working now!

    If you are not able to get all of your items into one vehicle and you have to bring another car. If the second vehicle only has a few big items in, or a few bikes or just a couple of boxes, there will be no charge for this car. We will class it as 'dropping off' and the car can park in the main car park once unloaded. Just tell the stewards taking the pitch fee of the situation and we will gladly sort this out. However, if there are two full cars, then two pitches will have to be paid for. This is at the discretion of the bootfair stewards.


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